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Join host Kristina Halvorson as she interviews the expert leaders and exciting new voices who are shaping the field of content strategy. From UX to CX, accessibility to content ops, episodes dive deep into topics that inform how we shape digital content … and how it, in turn, shapes us.

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Meet Kristina

Kristina Halvorson is the CEO and founder of Brain Traffic, the coauthor of Content Strategy for the Web, and the founder of the Confab and Button conferences. As host of The Content Strategy Podcast, Kristina speaks with content experts from all over the world in lively conversations that explore how content strategy can help businesses in every industry.

Brain Traffic is recognized as one of the world’s first and foremost content strategy consultancies. As a writer and speaker, Kristina has been instrumental in establishing content strategy as an essential practice for agencies and companies across every industry. Her classic book Content Strategy for the Web is considered the “gold standard” for content strategy literature, and is widely credited with bringing global attention to this critical field of practice.

Kristina is the founder of Confab, the first U.S. conference dedicated to content strategy. In 2020, Kristina and the Brain Traffic team launched Button, a conference about content design and UX writing. Both events attract attendees from all over the world and feature speakers whose work is shaping the future of the field.

Onstage, Kristina is a celebrated speaker, well-known for her humorous, practical, and inspiring talks. She has appeared as a featured speaker at nearly 150 conferences around the world. Kristina’s articles and interviews have appeared on dozens of blogs, podcasts, online magazines, and other media.

Kristina lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her two teens and a very good dog.

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