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There are so many wonderful places to meet other folks working in content strategy, both online and in person. Here are a few of our favorites.

Content + UX Slack group

The Content + UX Slack group is an active community of content strategists and UX designers with near-daily updates and posts. Favorite channels include #writinghelp where members can ask for opinions and suggestions, #pleaseretweet for sharing links that need some love, #celebrate for unapologetic self-promotion, and #process for asking questions when you’re feeling stuck. Accessible through desktop or the Slack app. Must request an invitation to join.

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Content Strategists Facebook group

The Content Strategists Facebook group is a place where practicing content strategists are invited to share insights, best practices, resources, and opportunities. Members are welcomed to share links to things they’re doing (blog posts, conferences, etc.) as long as the content is useful and relevant. Membership is moderated and those requesting to join must have something relevant to content strategy in their profile, or a friend/connection who is already a member of the group.

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Content Strategy LinkedIn group

The Content Strategy LinkedIn group is dedicated to professional networking and discussion for content strategists and user experience designers specializing in the practice of content strategy. The group focuses on discussions about creating, managing, and governing content—topics about content marketing or social media are not allowed. Best for asking questions and making conversation; general link-blasting without discussion is prohibited. Must ask to join.

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Local Content Strategy Meetups

You’d be surprised how many content professionals you can meet right in your own city. is a great resource for finding local communities and groups that meet regularly to share ideas, learn from each other, and attend educational events. There are many topic areas to choose from, including content strategycontent management systemsuser experience, and digital media. Simply sign up for a free account, locate your city, and search for topics to determine if there’s a related meetup group near you.

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