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Content Strategy for the Web is the industry’s go-to handbook for creating and executing successful content strategies. You’ll learn how to create and deliver useful, usable content for your online audiences, when and where they need it most.

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Chapter 2 helps readers identify what’s currently wrong with their content, and determine next steps for tackling the problem.

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For organizations all over the world, Content Strategy for the Web is the go-to content strategy handbook. Read it to:

  • Understand content strategy and its business value
  • Discover the processes and people behind a successful content strategy
  • Make smarter, achievable decisions about what content to create and how
  • Create a governance plan to keep your content compelling, updated, and relevant to your key audience
  • Build a solid, successful business case for content strategy

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Mark Levine
Pearson Technology Group

“The first edition of Kristina Halvorson’s little book was like a rip in the Matrix through which light poured. In the space of a few chapters, she had changed our field forever, for the better. This second edition retains all that was wonderful in the first book, while yielding dazzling new insights into the hows and whys of content strategy.”
—Jeffrey Zeldman, author, Designing With Web Standards
“Marketers, take note: From mobile and social media to email and websites, killer content is central to your online success—but without a solid, centralized content strategy, you’re doomed from the start. Like no other book, Content Strategy for the Web gives you the tools you need to get the right content to the right people in the right place at the right time. Essential reading for marketers everywhere.”
—Ann Handley, CMO, and author, Content Rules
Content Strategy for the Web touched off the explosive growth of content strategy and its recognition as a critical field of practice. Amazingly, this second edition doesn’t just keep up: it pushes content strategy in a more mature—and valuable—direction.”
—Louis Rosenfeld, author, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web and Search Analytics for Your Site
Content Strategy for the Web is the most important thing to happen to user experience design in years.”—Peter Morville, author, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web and Ambient Findability
“This little red book is responsible for changing the way I think about designing for the web, and I don’t think I’m alone. After a decade of treating content like an afterthought, Content Strategy for the Web helped us fix our priorities, and gave us a better way forward.”—Ethan Marcotte, author, Responsive Web Design

About the authors

Kristina Halvorson
CEO and Founder
Brain Traffic and Confab Events
Melissa Rach
Dialog Studios

Kristina Halvorson is widely considered the leading voice in content strategy. Her work with coauthor Melissa Rach has defined the field of content strategy and helped thousands of content professionals around the world do their jobs better.